After 2 years of marriage, I finally convinced my wife to get into the motorcycle sport and we went and purchased her a 1989 Yamha TW 200. She did not have hardly any experience riding motorcycles and was a bit of a beginner. I read about the TW 200 and found one on

I personally have never rode a TW 200, and I must admit its a perfect fit for a begginner. Its light, not very long, and not very tall. The fat tires make it real stable on gravel and dirt roads. Its not a speed demon, by any means. But its a lot of fun to ride, even for myself.

Lori up on Pikes, we are about 1/3 of the way up the hill and found a perfect spot to take a picture.

Lori completed her motorcycle safety class and is riding hard, this is how we did easter

Yes, that is crab salad on the back..

Spring Riding

Lori riding her TW in some early spring riding

Lori loves mud puddles

Playing in the snow on the TW 200