Hello, and welcome to Richard Bessey's homepage.

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I am a computer techie and run a weather station at my house and up on Pikes Peak. I am anti-microsoft and pro linux, most of the time. Linux works awesome as a server and is really hard to beat the price, if you know how to use it (there is a steep learning curve).

What else does Richard do other then computers?
Occassionaly, on the weekands I DJ for local schools with my DJ business (rixthemix.com)

For fun I ride motorcycles. I have a TDM 850 (Street machine) and an XT 350 (street legal dirt bike). I used to have a KLR 650 that I rode an awful lot of miles before selling it. I finally got my wife interested in riding and she got her own bike, a TW 200 and a couple years later got her a Honda Rebel 250. Years ago a made a rule to myself to always buy motorcycles that are street legal so I don't have to trailer them where I want to ride.

I also run my own weather station and webcam on a local mountain peak.

I am a licensed HAM operater (KE7IOD) and help with communications when emergencies arise.

I am also a back yard mechanic and do almost all of my own repairs. Its amazaing how much labor costs can be to do simple tasks. I change my own oil in all of the rigs. All of the vehicle repairs except exausts and transmissions I do myself, sometimes I have to call my brother to come help with the larger jobs.
Through the years I have learned, if I don't know how to repair something all I have to do is take it apart and learn how it works, then determine the problem. It just takes some time and patience,and sometimes some $$$ when I fix it incorrectly. But if I do fix it incorrectly, the only person I can blame is myself.

work hard, play hard, and ride even harder